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All rights reserved. Trademark is the registered logo of Samsung Techwin Co. The name of this product is the registered trademark of Samsung Techwin Co. Other trademarks mentioned in this manual are the registered trademark of their respective company. Restriction Samsung Techwin Co. Keep these instructions. Heed all warnings. Follow all instructions. Do not use this apparatus near water. Clean only with dry cloth. Do not install near any heat sources Apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and that no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be plac And please call a repair man in your location.

When used outside of the U. Do not place this apparatus on an uneven surface. Do not install on a surface where it is exposed to direct sunlight, near heating equipment or heavy cold area. Do not place this apparatus near conductive material. Do not attempt to service this apparatus yoursel Use CMS software if you want to play the video on a web page. Press and h Turn the front cover to tighten it. To ensure seamless wat In the initial installation of the camera, you can connect the camera to the monitor for checking the connection st Be careful not to reverse the polarity when you connect the power cable.

You can also u Enter the IP address of the camera in the address bar of the browser. A remote PC in an Run the IP Installer and change the IP address of the camera so that you can use the web browser on your desktop to connect to the Internet. Use the Internet browser to Use the Internet browser Configuring the network settings of the local PC connected to a Broadband Router Configuring the network settings of the local PC connected to a Broadband Click the column to sort the list by model name.

However, search will be stopped if clicked during the search. Manual network setup will be completed. When the manual setup including IP is completed, the camera will restart. If the Broadband Router has more than one camera connected Configure the IP related settings and the Port related settings distinctly with each other. Category Camera 1 Camera Click [ OK ]. Auto network setup will be completed. It will scan for connected cameras and display them as a list.

Double-click a camera to access. The Internet browser starts and connects to the camera. Type the IP address of the camera in the address bar. Close and restart the web browser, and try to access the Web Viewer. When Silverlight Runtime is properly installed, you will see the Live screen. M If the temperature drops In the Live screen, click [ Setup ]. The Setup screen appears. Select a profile number. Provide the name and select a codec. Specify the conditions under which the codec will be applied.

Specify the details of the selected codec including Flip mode : Turn upside down the image that is captured by the camera. Mirror mode : Flip horizontal the image that is captured by the camera. AWC : Corrects the colors of the camera video to be optimized to the current lighting condition and screen mode. You may need readjustment if the lighting condition is changed. Outdoor : Automatically corrects the video colors of the camera to At night, HLC will not function if the scene is either too bright or too dark.

The backlight function is not available while in IR mode. Exposure Setup You can adjust the exposure leve Select each item and set it properly. Color : Always displays the video in colors.

Auto : Displays in color mode during normal Camera title : Use alphanumeric characters in the list and enter a desired title in the bottom input line. You can enter up to 15 characters for the title. Camera title position x, y : Specify the coordinates where the camera title is displayed. IR Mo IP type : Select an IP connection type. Type in each item in the Port menu as necessary. Neither the port range between 0 and nor port is available. The default is 80 TCP. VNP port : Set a port u Type in the DDNS items according to the selected Enter the product domain.

You must perform the duplicate check for the domain that you entered. Specify the product location with a descripti Click [ Apply ] button. When done, click [ Apply ]. Select a secure connection system. If the sender address is incorrect, the email from the sender may be classified as SPAM by the email server and thus may not be sent. Subject : Enter a subject for your email. Body : Provide the text for the massage.

Attach the alarm images to the email that you are prepar To set the Motion Detection Select a motion detection mode. Specify the use of motion detection. Select a sensitivity level of the motion detection.

Place the cursor at a point in the video and drag it to whatever yo Set whether to use the Intelligent Video Analysis function. Specify the event rules. You can set a total of 3 rules including the virtual line and the specified area. Set whether you want to use the overlay or not. Too fast object for a proper detection, one object should be found overlapping between contiguous frames. You can specify up to 3 defined area event rules.

Entering : An event where a moving object passes through the defined area and enters inside will be detected. Exiting : An event where a moving object passes through the defined area and exits outside will be detected. Check the camera information, or provide details according to your network environment. Device name : Provide a device name that will be displayed on the Live screen.

Location : Specify the loc Manual : Specify the time manually.


SNO-5080R (Discontinued)

All rights Reserved. Hanwha Techwin is committed to providing our customers with a variety of information through the Internet. You are free to use all information available on our website for personal use and even save data to your personal computer. However, such information may not be linked to any website other than the Hanwha Techwin website. Legal restrictions on the use of the Hanwha Techwin website are prescribed herein. The Hanwha Techwin Co. Hanwha Techwin has invested time, effort, and funds toward the acquisition of Confidential Information.


Samsung CCTV SNO 5080R



Samsung SNO-5080R Network HD IR Bullet Camera



Samsung SNO-5080R 1MP IR Bullet IP Security Camera


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