Normally, even after a book goes off I still make notes on other projects. Not this time. I feel like a shell washed up on the beach; empty and spent. There is no one home for a few days. Somewhere I could simply stare off into the ocean and not think.

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That was new. So yes, Anita has gotten something in a box. Normally, yes. But not on this occasion. A severed head in a box. This is gonna be friggin awesome! So Anita just sits there contemplating the severed head, and babbles blandly about absolutely nothing at all. It sat on my desk, on top of the desk blotter, like hundreds of other packages that had been delivered to Animators Inc.

Who sent this package? In case you managed to block Incubus Dreams from your memory, Vittorio is an evil crazy vampire serial killer. Ohhhh Micah, stuff me with your circus-freak penis! Was he in Las Vegas, or had he mailed it from there and would be somewhere else by the time I gave the information to the police there? Wow, that narrows down the options. I could still hear our daytime secretary, Mary, being hysterical in the other room. Luckily we had no clients in the office.

Maybe I should have helped, but I was a U. Marshal, and business had to come first. Come to my enormous boobies and weep away your angst, sexy boy! Oh, what a large wang you have! Happy fucking Monday. Of course not. Make up your mind! She usually got her way on stuff like that. And they better like it! Is Manny hot anymore?

Apparently now Anita not only hates women who are sexual competition for the bishies she wants, but women in general. Their son, Tomas, was still a child, still in elementary school. Was he in third grade now, or fourth? They were looking at each other like they saw something wonderful, all shiny and full of promise. Should I bring a picture of Nathaniel and Micah and me in, to put on the desk?

Just put up some plaster casts of their genitalia. But, of course, would I need more pictures? If I brought a picture of me with the two men, then did I need to bring a picture of me with my other sweeties? She should totally have all her assorted boytoys pose like a football team for a group picture, except presumably with a short, scowling big-breasted woman in the middle.

And with no uniforms, just little tiny spandex shorts. I felt nothing about the package on my desk. I felt nothing but a huge, vast emptiness inside me, almost like the silence that my head went to when I pulled the trigger on someone. I stood up and looked at the head in its plastic wrap and thought, No pictures of my boyfriends, not at work.

So who cares about some poor dead guy whose head got chopped off, and all his loved ones? Her boytoys are also evidently the saddest bunch of losers on the planet, because apparently human baddies are able to kick their furry butts.

She only cares if you harm one of Her People, which would deprive her of sex and adulation. It was a chance to make new friends, or piss off a whole new set of people; with me, it could go either way. Actually, she does do it on purpose.

Part of it was being a woman in a predominantly male field; part of it was simply my winning personality. Ah, of course. I like to compare Anita to Karrin Murphy of the Dresden Files series — Murphy is a true professional in a male-dominated field. As a result, she gets some respect. When was this? Whose head was it, and why did I get the prize?

I mean, who else would get the head except the Center of the Supernatural Universe? Was it a sign that he held a grudge about me killing so many of his vampires when they were slaughtering people in our town, or did it mean something else, something that would never, ever, occur to me to think?

Suck on this! Kiss my undead ass! Hear that, profilers of the world? Go and play now. And they are selfish creatures, caring only about their own pleasure, their own pathology. It sounds like Anita yet again — she definitely cares only about her own pleasure and her own pathology. Of course, there were people who said that I was a serial killer. She is. I still had the highest kill count of all the legal vampire executioners in the United States.

Other vampire hunters who focus on their jobs could have easily caught up while she was busy spilling, orgasming and screaming to the stars. LKH is trying way too hard to convince us that Anita still actually does her job, and that the readers should just accept that she does all her work offscreen.

You want people to believe she does her job? In short, the vampires are to Hamilton what elves are to Christopher Paolini — speshul sparkly superpowered people who are worthy of worship, unlike the grubby everyday mortals.

Did it really change anything that I took no sexual pleasure from it? You can kill for sexual pleasure, revenge, money, whatever reason — it will still be evil, still be murder, and still count as being a serial killer. They just knew he was killing multiple people with a pattern. That absolves you of all responsibility. A woman answered the phone in Las Vegas, and I began the process of getting passed up the line to the person who might be able to tell me whose head I had in the box.

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Skin Trade (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series #17)

Louis and I am in Las Vegas, but I have heard how you sleep with everything with a dick. You are a slut. Cop 1: Yes, you are. Shaw arrives. Shaw: Yes, you are.


Skin Trade Chapter 1

Plot introduction[ edit ] While Anita Blake remains one of the most effective "legal vampire hunters" in the country, her personal life is in turmoil because of her close personal relationship with some vampires. Summary[ edit ] Vittorio has resurfaced in Las Vegas. Anita receives a head of one of the officers in Las Vegas, and sets out to pursue this vampire serial killer. Anita becomes bound to two other tigers, Cynric blue and Domino black and white. Characters in Skin Trade[ edit ] Major characters[ edit ] Anita Blake : Anita travels to Vegas because if she did not, she believes other people will die. She goes without most of her loved ones because she is afraid that Vittorio will use them against her.

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