About this title The fourth edition of Public International Law provides a very readable, lively, detailed and easily understood introduction to the fundamental principles and structures of international law without compromising on analysis and depth of coverage. In addition, new actors on the international stage such as non-governmental organisations, multinational corporations and terrorist groups, are identified, examined and commented upon. The entire stance of the book allows the reader to appreciate the historic perspective and the evolving nature of public international law. This fourth edition includes an enhanced layout and student-friendly features such as advice on further reading, highlighted cases, aides-memoire chapter outlines and summaries.

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Last checked: 35 Minutes ago! Get a free 7 day subscription! Public International Law is unique in that it is both a textbook and a casebook. The book covers all the major areas of public international law, and takes account of new developments relating to the codification of international law by the International Law Commission, State practice, and decisions of international courts and tribunals, in particular those of the International Court of Justice.

This book is an ideal learning tool for students of law or political science and provides a clear and straight-forward overview for anyone with an interest in the subject. She is also author of the Routledge textbook, EU Law. Right now, try to ready your time to do the important take action, like looking for your favorite reserve and reading a book.

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Public International Law



Public International Law



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