Passport Renewal Form Canada Get Form Online technologies allow you to to arrange your file administration and strengthen the productivity of the workflow. Observe the short guide in order to fill out IRS Canada Passport Renewal, stay clear of mistakes and furnish it in a timely way: How to complete a Canada Passport Renewal on the internet: On the website hosting the document, click Start Now and go towards the editor. Use the clues to fill out the relevant fields. Include your individual data and contact data. Make certain that you choose to enter correct information and numbers in correct fields. Carefully examine the content in the blank as well as grammar and spelling.

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TTY For persons who are deaf or hard of hearing Toll-free: a. ET To obtain the most recent version of this form, visit our website. Application forms are also available in Braille, on diskette or in large print for persons with visual impairment. However, passport applications and related forms are available from these service locations or may be obtained online at www.

However, passport applications and related forms are available from these offices or may be obtained online at www.

Your surname last name and given names must be spelled the same and be placed in the same order. If your name has changed, you cannot use this form. Your signature in section 1 will appear in the passport. If the previous passport was applied for by mail from the USA, the passport must have been issued on or after August 1, If you cannot submit the previous passport, you cannot use this form.

If your current passport expires more than 12 months from the date you submit your application, provide a written explanation for why you are applying at this time.

Should Passport Canada not be satisfied that you have a valid reason for applying early, your application for a new passport may be refused. If you would like the submitted passport to be returned to you, you must indicate this on the application form section 2.

Failure to indicate your choice will result in Passport Canada securely destroying the submitted passport. Photos must be taken with uniform lighting and not show Heavy weight paper is unacceptable. Photos with Photos must be printed on plain, high quality photographic paper. The face and shoulders must be The name of the photographer or studio, the address and the centred in the photo and squared to the camera.

Glasses, including tinted must be provided directly on the back of ONE 1 photo see ones with prescription, may be worn as long as the eyes are illustration. Photos do not need to be signed. Sunglasses are unacceptable. Facial expression must be neutral not frowning or smiling with the mouth closed.

The image must be clear, sharp and in focus. Photos must be taken against a plain, uniform, white or light-coloured background. Hats or head coverings are not permitted except when worn for religious reasons and only if the full facial features are clearly visible. Black and white or colour photos are acceptable. Photos must be originals, not taken from any existing photo, and must have been taken within the last 12 months.

Fill out your office in the USA ; or credit card information or use a certified cheque or money in person in Canada. The preferred method of Complete and sign BOTH pages section 1 and 7 payment is by debit Interac in person only or credit card. You must sign your usual signature in the background and be free of shadows and glare on the face and TWO 2 signature blocks provided one signature per page. You must have a neutral expression. Your Sign within the white box section 1 photographer may consult www.

This signature will appear in the Additional Personal Information section 4 passport. If the signature touches the border, it may be rejected Addresses and a new signature will be required which will cause delays.

State your occupation over the last TWO 2 years. If you Submit previous passport section 2 have been a homemaker or retired for the last Enclose any Canadian passport issued to you within the last TWO 2 years, indicate this on the form. SIX 6 years from the date of reception of this current References section 5 application.

If the previous passport was applied for by mail Provide TWO 2 references. Friends, co-workers and from the USA, the passport must have been issued on or after neighbours may be used as references provided they have August 1, If you cannot submit the previous passport, known you for at least TWO 2 years. Relatives may not be you cannot use this form. Personal information provided on this application form is protected and used in Protection of Information accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act Personal Information Bank No.

This information is collected under the Canadian Passport Order to determine your current and ongoing entitlement to a Canadian passport, to administer passport services and to provide information to the Consular Affairs Bureau of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada in the event that you require assistance while travelling abroad.

The information provided, including the photo, is subject to routine verifications and security queries. To further strengthen Canadian passport security, your photo is stored on an alphanumeric template and incorporated into the passport as a digital image. Passport Canada may use the services of third parties to receive passport applications submitted in person and to process the return of incomplete passport applications.

In the performance of these services, personal information will be protected and used in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act. Passport Canada may contact you to solicit feedback about passport services.

Failure to complete all the required sections of this form will result in your application being rejected.


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