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The book can also be used as supporting material for executive education programs in the marketing strategy area. The text and cases offer a complete treatment of marketing topics using a strategy perspective. The book blends business strategy with marketing strategy. It overviews strategic planning and integrates it with a market centered focus on the planning process.

Discussion of competitive advantage, competing in global markets, and strategic analysis are integrated throughout the book. Using business strategy as a foundation, the remainder of the text moves into the key decision areas that are involved in developing and implementing marketing strategy. The book concentrates on identification and analysis of business units and then on the development of a strategic marketing plan for the business unit.

Heavy emphasis is placed upon market definition and analysis, segmentation, competitor analysis, targeting, and the strategic decisions involved in developing the marketing program.

Throughout the book considerable emphasis is placed on a global perspective and the impact of the Internet, as well as highlighting the ethical dilemmas confronted by executives.

The last part of the book examines organizational design and effectiveness, and marketing strategy implementation and control. A new emphasis reflects the growing importance of marketing metrics and the marketing dashboard. Twenty comprehensive cases are available in Part Six. The cases provide a wide variety of strategic analysis and strategy development applications.

This is followed by a discussion of several alternatives regarding design of a course. It is also a logical choice for use in MBA core courses. Finally, several schools are offering courses on strategic marketing planning.

The book is appropriate for these courses. Some possible options include: Building the course around the text and cases as the primary focus of teaching-learning.

Supplementing the text with selected readings and end-of-part cases. Using the text in combination with special projects e. Text and Cases There is ample coverage in the text to serve as the primary focus of the course. The cases at the end of Part Six provide strategic application situations. Students need and enjoy some exposure to application either through cases or equivalent means. Another possibility for supplemental teaching-learning tools is to have students analyze and critique marketing strategies of companies described in business publications and researching their performance on the Internet.

The comprehensive cases in Part Six of the book provide students with an opportunity to analyze and develop recommendations for a variety of marketing strategy situations. The cases were selected to highlight various strategic issues. Included are international marketing problems, different products and services, large and small firms, and manufacturers and middlemen.

This 10th edition of Strategic Marketing includes substantial coverage of Internet topics and applications. Features are placed in many chapters and Internet strategy initiatives are discussed in several chapters. Feature applications are included at the end of each chapter.

These can be used for class discussion or assigned to students for preparation of written reports. For example, company marketing strategies can be critiqued by students. Business Week, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and other periodicals contain many interesting and relevant articles. The Economist provides extensive coverage of global business topics. Case discussions are greatly enriched by up-to-the-minute insights from Web searches of company and competitor web-sites.

One source of supplemental materials that is particularly useful is The Conference Board, Inc. The Conference Board reports are excellent for illustrating company practices and experiences and research findings on various topics.

It is notable that Internet searches can reveal numerous sources of relevant material—often free or at low cost—which can add value to discussions of topics, Features and cases. A large number of professional institutes, consultants, and government bodies provide a wealth of information which can support student learning.


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