In Vegas to do a documentary video with John Lear Back a few years ago I was contacted about doing a documentary concerning John Lear. I graciously said "thanks but no thanks. Soon after, I received a plane ticket and a reservation at a luxury hotel paid for by the producers. After a few days of being wined and dined and filmed in various places around Las Vegas, and with John Lear at his estate, I signed contracts and releases for the filming I was part of and left Vegas. A few weeks later I received some of the photos in this video. But everything that I have been involved with managed to never see the light of day.

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I have a political slant, I am the opposite of aliens, i am very political in my views. Know any people like that? This world is filled with them. I was a Catholic, and when I married I changed my religion to one of the protestant onesthe one my wife and children belong toI even thought my children to be good Christiansyet I do not adhere to any religion or secular beliefs.

My mother was very Catholic in her beliefs and I did believe in Christianity but I never was good at itI went to church as a child but stopped when I became a teenagerI started back up when I had children just to give them something to chew on. I respect Christiansmy family is ChristiansI raised two children in the Christian beliefsthey go to Church every Sunday.

I would say my Christian beliefs have been upgraded to a higher operating version I did three or four years in Catholic grade schoolthe best education I ever received, discipline goes a long way in the learning departmentlol raised a Catholic and my Christian confirmation name is Michael.

I did go to the church while my children were growing up to give them a sense of community and love for others. I am not allowed to take drugs.

I have experience aliens many times since my army daysif the military or anyone else is watching me I am not aware of it. Maybe after this they will. I have never been regressedand personally I know it would be pointlesssince they can place whatever they wish in our minds.

I have been shown a few things [of what is to come] but for the most part I have to take one day at a time. I will not returned to this planet for a long time, unless I am sent back or certain other circumstances pull be back I am planning a long vacation before deciding on my next assignment.

I have an optimistic outlook on existence and my life. Life to me is like school there are good times and bad but overall I enjoy the learning curve and look forward to graduation. The only thing I worship is a good cup of coffee in the morning I am not a scientologist. I like nonfiction and history books. I never liked sci-fi books, and may have read one or two my whole life. I like true stories and history books.

I buy all my books and literally have hundreds of them, many I have yet to readvery few are fiction source is me and Milton and I hold the Copyright. I used to be in construction, built houses, and those glasses and several other pairs have saved my eyes from flying nails out of nail guns and wood splinters and other shrapnel in the heat of battle at constructions sites.

The pair I have now are much smaller but they too have been marred by molten copper when I was doing some rewiring in my basement and I cut into a live wire. So my eyeglasses have served me well What question do I most want the answer to? Why do any of us merit being born into this magical universe? Therefore my options have changed, and now my time of departure will determine where I go from here. I have no collaborators, or links to substantiate my claims, experiences, or points of view.

My info is from my perspective and no one needs believe any of it. I have to get out and earn a living; Miltie is no help in that department.

As a teenager and a young adult I smoked and drank with the best and worst of them, but two years before my first daughter was born ETs told me to stop smoking and reduce my drinking. I did. Now a glass of wine or two is all I do.

I read plenty, just not as much as I would like, I have hundreds of books but books are only one avenue for the printed wordwe have this thing called the internet, journals, newspapers and a host of other media to keep people like me busyon top of that I have written and published books, have written countless manuscripts that are still first drafts, dozens of other half completed manuscripts, and a first draft screenplay which is my ATS blog.

I have sold hundreds of books all from word of mouth, I have never advertised, or did seminars or talk shows, therefore very few people know me. I self-published and the libraries in my state bought many of my booksthat was the only time I actually made a profit because they paid list price and they ordered directly from me.

One of my books has been on amazon. There is also something called POD print on demand, which is the way many books are going in the future, I sell quite a few of my other books that way through Barns and Noble and other bookstores.

I have never made a penny on a book yet I have sold thousands of them. What level of human Am I? I have been on this planet more than once. Some of them, like Uncle Guido, have a purpose and a jobit takes a special kind of guy to be able to stuff a bloody body into the back of a car trunk still alive and then sit down to a huge plate of pasta and bottle of wine, and then a noon nap before finishing the job of disposing the body later that night.

Why do I think their brains were hardwired with cruelty in the first place? To entice others to crueltynotice that movies and shows like the Sopranos are number one. All of us crave blood and powerall we need do is delve deep into hate and envy and we can have it allright?

Lots of sting operations going on as we speak. Were my construction skills and writing talents from previous existences? I got them while here. You know, beyond a shadow of a doubt what awaits after death. You have the knowledge to keep yourself on track.


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