Devas troubled by Tharuka and Soora prayed Lord Shiva to save them. Sathi the wife of Shiva had died. Lord Shiva was doing penance. Sathi was born as the daughter of the Himalaya Mountain. Shiva woke up, opened his third eye and burnt Manmatha in to ashes.

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The primeval Brahmin sage Agasthya who used to travel all over the world worshipped Jyothi Kamakshi in Kanchipuram and did penance. Lord Vishnu came before the husband of Lopa Mudhra holding conch, wheel and a book in his right hands. Let good things happen. Let Good things happen. Sage Agasthya did sixteen types of hospitality with great devotion, saluted him with his entire body, and prayed him by Vedas and stood there.

What do you need? I beg you to tell me a method by which the ordinary people are able to realize the divine in this Kali age. But since you have asked, I will tell you. Please hear this with love and concentration. Let all people hear. That Hayagreeva saluted Adhi Parashakthi in his mind and the lotus like feet of Goddess Parvathi and agreed to tell all that sage Agasthya has asked.

He then went along with Agasthya to his hermitage and there Agasthya made him to sit on a suitable seat and asked with lot of humility. So please tell me the incarnation of the great Goddess in detail. The starting of the telling about the greatness of the Goddess by Hayagreeva. The Parashakthi does not have either beginning or end and she is the basis of the entire world. It is simply not possible for any one to tell about all her shining forms, but I would try to tell you about her forms to the best of my knowledge.

First she came to help Lord Brahma when he meditated on her. Once upon a time when Devendra was taking a round the three worlds on his white elephant, he lost all his senses and due to his pride, did not bother to salute Lord Shiva or the Goddess Parvathi.

So Shiva sent sage Durvasa to control his pride. And that Durvasa gave a garland in the hands of Indra. Due to his pride, Indra received the Garland and kept it on the head of the elephant.

And that elephant took it using his trunk and put it on the earth and trampled it and seeing this sage Durvasa became very angry and cursed Indra. The Goddess told him, was this not your pride that made you do this. After the sage cursed and left, Indra came back to his town and became scared on seeing ill omens and sent word to Bruhaspathi his teacher.

So please sir, tell me a way out. If you do a sinful act, it does not go away by doing redemption. It would not go away by some other act. I am telling you, the only antidote for sin is God Vishnu.

If these are done out of ignorance depending on the caste of the sinner, there is redemption but for Brahmahathi killing of Brahmins there is no redemption in the Sasthras, Indra. For the sin of theft I would tell you a story, Indra. A hunter who was a thief of a thief followed him and took away all the wealth that was buried. So if you do the charity that I tell, you would be benefited. After a long tie when the hunter and huntress were about to die, the messengers of Yama as well as the messengers of Vishnu and Brahma came to take them to their lands.

For the redemption for stolen wealth is charity. So those who did have the wealth, due to the grace of God lost their sins and got blessings. See Indra, those wealthy people attained salvation. In the fire sacrifice of King Yuvanaswa, devas fought with each other for the spoils and Lord Brahma portioned the offerings properly and distributed to them. Duryodhana died because of Panchali. Why I told you this is because you have committed all these sins. The sins which do not have redemption get destroyed by the repetition of the.

But please do not do such sins. You killed him without any justice due to the fact that his uncle was an Asura. And due to the murder of Viswaroopa, you got sin of Brahma hathya. And then you again got Brahma hathya by killing Vruthra the father of Viswaroopa who came in fire.

So you would suffer greatly. I am telling this based on that omens that I see. Indra, you do not have any sparkle in your world and the devas have become like people without food and the Brahmins of the world have become misers.

I see lot of bad signs. When Guru was telling such stories to Indra, One asura king called Malaka, tapping on his chest came along with asuras and surrounded Amarapathi city of Indra and drove away all the devas from that town. The devas went to Indra and Brahma and told the news.

Only Lord Vishnu can help you and so go and appeal to him. They all saluted the form of Vishnu who was lying on Adhi sesha and sang his praises and told him about the sufferings that all of them were undergoing. Were you sleeping? We are wandering here and there, hiding our real forms, and does this not bother you.

After telling this, you bring all the asuras here. Then they will do the work and you only will drink the nectar. Definitely it is only for you. You only will eat it. The churning of the ocean by devas and asuras When the devas went and told the agreement of Lord Vishnu to the asuras who have lost their anger, hearing that and considering that it is true, they quickly collected the four herbs and put it in the ocean of milk together.

Lord Shiva , Brahma and the sages came to see this. When he saw that the Mandhara Mountain was not stable and was getting drowned in the water, Lord Vishnu became a tortoise and lifted the mountain up and he was also present on the top along with devas. He was armed with his conch and wheel and decided to fool the asuras and give nectar only to devas.

Then due to the pain caused by the pulling, Vasuki vomited the burning poison and that started burning all those it touched. And all people started running away from there. Then to avoid danger to his devotees Lord Parameshwara drank all the poison. Then all, people sang the praise of Lord Shiva and recommenced the churning. First Parijatha flower. The ladies as well as the baby moon came then. They were passed to Indra and Lord Shiva respectively. Lot of jewels an then came the pot of nectar.

Then arose from the sea, Danwanthri and afterwards Goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi went along with Vishnu. Incarnation of Mohini, gifting nectar o devas after fooling the asuras.

Birth of Hariharaputhra. Those cheering asuras took the pot of nectar and started running away. Without knowing what to do Devas chased and caught them. And seeing that a fight has broken out between them, Lord Vishnu, meditated on the Goddess of illusion and then he took the form of Mohini and enchanted the asuras. That Mohini happily stood in between those who were fighting, she wore anklets with bell, peacock feather and other ornaments of the leg.

She was dressed in good quality silk and wore over it a Mekala golden belt and she wore gems on her hips. She also wore an incomparable blouse and bangles in her hand. She had lips as red as pomegranate and as soft as silk.

She had eye brows like the bow of the God of love. She wore ear globes and nasal stud and her black hair was made in to a pretty braid. And seeing her prettiness asuras stopped their fight and were puzzled as to who she is and started surrounding her. Then that Mohini told the asuras. If you think I would do it, without further thought give the pot of nectar to me.

The foolish asuras gave her the pot of nectar as they were enchanted by her sat in a line and the devas also sat in a line. The foolish asuras did not know even this. But Rahu and Kethu understood the deceit and they hid amidst the devas and along with Sun and the moon, Rahu and Kethu also drank the nectar. To the Gods like Sun and the moon.

She served the nectar and when Sun and moon informed Mohini about Rahu, she cut off the head of Rahu and threw it in the sky and that great lady kept the empty pot in front of asuras and vanished. Then the asuras could not see Mohini and saw only the empty pot and they all waged a war against the devas. And by the strength of their mace, the devas beat back the asuras and drove them to the nether world of Patala. The devas prayed Lord Vishnu and happily stayed in the heavens.

Please show me that form once. Agreeing to that Lord Vishnu vanished. When the consort of Parvathi saw every where, he saw a garden and there in the garden, one very pretty lass was playing with the ball. Seeing her Lord Shiva left Parvathi went and hugged that pretty lady.


Devi Lalithambal Shobanam Meaning

The primeval Brahmin sage Agasthya who used to travel all over the world worshipped Jyothi Kamakshi in Kanchipuram and did penance. Lord Vishnu came before the husband of Lopa Mudhra holding conch, wheel and a book in his right hands. Let good things happen. Let Good things happen. Sage Agasthya did sixteen types of hospitality with great devotion, saluted him with his entire body, and prayed him by Vedas and stood there.


Lalithambal Shobanam(Tamil)






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