Vulkis Before using them, check the screws on the true-to-scale diagrams on the left side in each assembly step. The artwork is simple and looks awesome. You will need a manusl a tooth would work spur gear for stock racing. Adjust while model is running so the front and rear are same height.

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The sensation is set to shock the world again! For example, the monocoque frame is made from aircraft grade AT6 aluminum alloy and multi-pin block pattern rear tires deliver optimal performance on modern off-road tracks. Full ball bearing specs minimize drive loss and combine with high-durability sintered alloy metal gears, slipper clutch and motor guard to protect the drive system while crash-resistant resin rear wing is also included. A monocoque frame made from tempered AT6 pressed clear anodized aluminum alloy used for aircraft manufacture combines with a glass reinforced resin upper deck to deliver light weight and durability for hard driving.

Similar front-rear geometry ensures handling stability at all speed ranges. Impact-resistant nylon lower arm combines with metal rod upper arm to enable camber adjustment. Upgrade with optional titanium adjust rod 38mm No. The same large capacity 12mm diameter oil shocks as the OPTIMA deliver superior running stability over uneven surfaces.

Long type nylon resin molded shock tower enables tuning for modern RC racing circuits. Optimized geometry with aluminum steering link and metal bushings in combination with the servo saver incorporating aluminum pipe and metal spring design used in current racing buggies, delivers stable and precise steering feel.

Upgrade with optional ball bearings and titanium adjust rod 50mm No. Toe angle settings on the rear hub carriers can be set to 1. Detailed settings can be adjusted according to the specific racing conditions. Upgrade with optional diff OTW to improve driving feel. Gearbox is equipped with slipper clutch to protect the gearbox and drive system from sudden load changes such as jump landings. Easy to adjust and adaptable to various racing conditions. Previously made from polycarbonate, the resin wing delivers improved crash resistance.

In addition to white, there are 5 color options to add extra style to your machine. Rear tires feature optimized multi-pin pattern to produce stable grip on a wide variety of surfaces and have been recreated in the image of the original hard block tires. High rigidity one-piece wheels replace the 50mm three-piece wheels of the original Ultima. In addition to white, there are 3 color options to choose from.


1/10 EP 2WD KIT ULTIMA SC-R 30850

The waiting game is over. The Ultima SC6 is here! A convertible Midship or Rear motor duralumin chassis with tungsten diff balls, aluminum steering rack set, and all the adjustability of the IFMAR world champion RB6 combine to deliver a sharp increase in speed. These features also improve durability and strength so the risk of damage during practice or club racing is reduced, allowing you to run your machine for the pure fun of it with peace of mind.


1/10 EP 2WD KIT Ultima 30625



ULTIMA SC6 1/10 EP 2WD SC Truck KIT 30070B



Kyosho Ulltima SC6 Manuals


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