This can be done step-by-step during the faxaddmodem script, or as I prefer, a config file can be created prior to running faxaddmodem. The config file contains all of the unique settings for a faxmodem. These should be in the manual that [hopefully] came with your faxmodem. Begin by using one of the following three "template" config files. Class 0 is for data communication; Class 1, 2, and 2.

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Install the hylafax-server package apt-get install hylafax-server Make sure your modem is connected. Fax sending and receiving is very time critical. There has been numerous cases where a setup is fine but the virtual environment causes failures that are hard to diagnose. Initial Configuration run the faxsetup utility to begin configuring hylafax. Assuming there were no errors, you will see a menu like the following: HylaFAX configuration parameters are: [1] Init script starts faxq: yes [2] Init script starts hfaxd yes [3] Start old protocol: no [4] Start paging protocol: no Are these ok [yes]?

Restarting HylaFAX server processes. You have a HylaFAX scheduler process running. Can I terminate this faxq process [yes]? Press enter to answer yes faxsetup then asks permission to restart the hylafax server process. Press enter to answer yes Enter the device name of the serial port your fax-modem is attached to make sure your modem is connected to serial port not the parallel port. For most of them, you can accept the default values by pressing Enter.

For a fax to email gateway, the defaults are acceptable, but if you want to share files directly out of the fax queue with a FTP or HTTP server, other permissions may be desirable. Press Enter to accept them. If this step fails, there is a likely a communication problem with your modem.

Examine possible remedies in the Common Errors Section. Even if your modem supports both Class 1 and Class 2 you should set it to Class 1 to ensure compatibility with all fax machines. You will then be asked for values specific to the modem.

Just press Enter to accept the default values as they are a result of the modem query and the class you selected. The non-default scheduler values will then be displayed followed by a confirmation prompt.

Make sure all these values are correct. If they are not, answer No and correct any erroneous values. Note that you may want to increase the time value for "Timeout when converting?

PostScript documents" if you fax long documents. You can just press Enter to accept the default values. If you are only configuring one fax-modem, answer no when asked if you want to configure another modem.

Otherwise, answer yes, and perform the above faxaddmodem related steps again. Next, accept the default yes answer to run faxmodem on your newly configured modem to verify settings. You should now be returned to the shell prompt. If you are not allowing local network users to use this fax server, you can skip this section.

Access Controls To allow users on the local network access to the fax server, you can use a subnet wide rule to let everyone use it, or select individual addresses.

For example, if your using a network has addresses in the range When done, save the file and exit the editor. FaxDispatch FaxDispatch is a custom script that one can create for Hylafax to specify nonstandard delivery options.

Configuring Email to Fax with Exim The email becomes the first page and all attachments will be sent as additional pages, however handling of the attachments is not perfect, in particular jpeg. For best results use PDFs as they seem to be processed reliably and are already paper sized. Fax recipients must have addresses in this format:.





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Attach fax document to email notification




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