Andras Rajki 8. Star Wars Insider 67 9. Episode I Podracer by LucasArts Scott M.

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Andras Rajki 8. Star Wars Insider 67 9. Episode I Podracer by LucasArts Scott M. Bounty Hunter Game by LucasArts Galactic Battlegrounds by LucasArts Republic Commando, Hard Contact; John Please acknowledge the Star Wars code of ethics by not copying and pasting large chunks of information from my site to your own.

Please credit me and link to me if you do use information from my site. Thank you. Here you will find a Huttese to Basic dictionary and Basic to Huttese dictionary.

The words in the dictionaries are either canon from Ben Burtt himself in his Travel Guide, contributed to the site by fellow Huttese scholars, or they were handpicked out of dialogue such as what is in the Transcript section using context clues and common sense by me.

Some words picked out of phonetically transcribed dialogue from video games, etc. Please contact me if you have the correct spellings. Newly added content as of latest update highlighted in red. For the Non-Canon Dictionary click here. Huttese-Basic Dictionary Achuta ah choo tah 1. Alay ah lay adj. An ann conj. Do not. Ateema ah tee mah 1. This time. Azalus ahz ool uhs adj.

Baatu baatu bah too bah too v. Backa bak ah adj. Banda ban dah n. Music band. Bargon bar gone n. Beesga beess gah n. Last fool. Binggona bin gawn ah adj. Boska bahs kah?. Bedwana be dwahn ah v. To buy. Blastoh blass toh n. To go. Bongo bahn go n. Bootana boo tan ah n. Garden s. Bota boh tah n.

Bukee boo kee n. Bunko bunk oh n. Buttmalia butt mail ee ah n. A bet. Champio champ ee oh n. Chawa chaw wah v. To race. Che copah cheh koh pah n. Cheeka chee kah n. Cheesa chee sah adj. To cheat. Cheeta chee tah v. Take care. Be careful threat. Chik youngee chik yun gee n. Dancing girl. Chimpa chim pah n. Chinka chink ah v. Pod Races. Chowbasa chow bass ah 1. Choy choy 1. What as in asking what? Chuba choo bah 1.

The term is sometimes applied to certain amphibians such as gorgs, which form an important part of the Huttese diet. Chut chut chut chut 1. Excuse me. Never mind. Con kon adj. Who is. Which is. Creeta kree tah n. Credit card. Crispo crees poh v. Da dah adj. Waking Planet. Also Gla Soocha. Da wanga dah wahn gah n. That one. Imperial Cruiser. Doma Toma doh mah toh mah n. Doompa doom pah adj. Doopee oo pee v. Dopa-maskey doh pah mas kee adj.

Droi droy n. Droida droy dah n pl. Du doo 1. Dumpa dum pah n. Dump as in waste dump. Dusta doos tah n. Dwana dwahn ah v. To sell. Eh ay 1. Eniki enn ee kee?. Also Okey-okey. Fa fah adj. Fierfek feer fek n. The Huttese word for hex or curse, fierfek became a common swear word during the height of the Clone Wars. Poison adopted by the Clone Army as a battlefield-curse. Fofo foh foh adj.



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