But I had to read the 2nd book ; It ended with a cliffhanger luckily the 2nd book was out. So I jumped in right away. I loved loved loved this book. It was freaking amazing. This too went on like freaking animals.

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I gave her my name and a promise to keep her safe. They drew a line in blood when they went after my wife. So this is my revenge. When my time comes, I will answer for my sins, but so will they.

Relationships are broken down into categories. For Kelly and me, that part was easy. No need to give him further evidence. I knew the moment Kelly punched me in the ear for stealing her car that I loved her. Which also leads back to her dad hating me, but whatever. If you ask her, probably not. If the sex and love work out, it usually ends in… drum roll, please….

You guessed it. Being married is ridiculously hard. Staying married, even harder. I took advice from a porn star, took a tiny blue pill, and fell through a shower door. And all the chaos in between. Proceed with caution. Over the years, Sway becomes his safety shield during his rapid rise to the elite levels of auto racing. A night of celebrating a victory leaves Sway believing that she can convince Jameson to fall in love with her.

Soon she becomes determined to be more than just a pit lizard trolling the pits. Little does she know that this steadfast racer has his own idea of revelry. As their passion revs, the inner workings of an internal combustion engine have never been so erotic. Just a taste turns into a thirst neither of them saw coming. Can she convince this rookie he can have love and his dream? Warning: This book contains adult content.

When I met him alongside the red clay banks of that Alabama lake, I literally stumbled into his arms. He smiled, and I was bright red with embarrassment but it was enough.

For one weekend that summer, we were carefree and lost under the southern stars. He showed me there was more to him than a country singer with a reputation.

And as he whispered against my sunburnt skin, a promise of forever, I believed him. Just when I thought we had our happy ever after, a devastating loss tore us apart. I wanted the whispered promises of forever, his breath teasing my skin.

The last thing we need is more heartache, but is that enough to be everlasting? From USA Today Bestselling Author Shey Stahl comes a story about finding yourself through an emotionally packed coming-of-age novel of lies and betrayal. Barrette Blake has virtually no memory of the night her world changed forever. With the unwavering support of her best friend, she tries to piece together her life and her foggy memories of that night. Asa Lawson has it all together—on the field that is.

He dominates the college football scene, but his life is messy. While everything around him is spiraling out of control and threatens to come crashing down completely, the truth about the night that destroyed his childhood friend is revealed.

They have love; they have lust, and a bond that proves to be vital. But do they have what it takes to make it through his lifestyle. Two things Jameson has a hard time drawing a line between. Desperate for the series title in his rookie season, Jameson becomes engrossed in the battle between himself and rival driver Darrin Torres. After a horrific crash in Pocono, Darrin attempts to even the score when his warnings do nothing to deter Jameson and his diligent focus on his dream and his family.

Between the blurred lines of love and racing, and the weight of the world on his shoulders, can this racing prodigy achieve what he was born to do? Warning: This book contains sexual situations and explicit language.


Happy Hour



Happy Hour


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