Esto comienza a configurarse a finales del siglo XX. A partir de entonces el debate no ha cesado. Por otra parte, otro grupo de pensadores son fieles al proyecto moderno. Estos pensadores se caracterizan por su ascendencia marxista y entre ellos tenemos a Habermas, Jameson, Otto Apel, Hal Foster, Baudrillard, etc.

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The purpose of things vanguard and avant-garde is to find uncharted territory. This is in conflict with modernist notions of the myth of progress, in tune with classical and Enlightenment sentiments. Because the avant gard focuses on the unknown and lack of concrete futures, modernity holds interest in the sublime moment of passing, ephemerality, the unstable, dynamism, and the elusive.

This discloses a longing for an undefiled immaculate and stable present. Science, 2. Morality, and 3. Truth, normative rightness, authenticity, beauty. Young Hegelians pursued a negation of philosophy. The surrealist movement sought to negate art. References Theodor W. The radical attempt to negate art did two things. Nothing remains from a de-sublimated meaning or de-structured form. Cognitive meanings, moral expectations, subjective expressions and evaluations all come into question within art practices anything goes.

This was written at the height of the German constructivist movement. Habermas describes the modern world view to have a procedural rationality and defines the modern world as a decline of substansive reason and as the differentiation of science, morality, and art. Poses that Neo-Aristotelianism enjoys success today and pegs Leo Strauss as the father of this movement. Habermas closes with these 3 statements: 1.

Science is meaningless for orientation of world life. Politics should be kept far from moral-practical justification. Art should have Utopian content- immanence of art- keep the aesthetic experience democratic and public. Discard the project of modernity and replace with tradition. Tradition is immune to demands of normative justification and validation. The Rise and Fall of the Avant-Garde 3. Critical Regionalism and World Culture 4. The Resistance of the Place-Form 5.


Foster, Hal - La Posmodernidad.pdf

The avant garde wanted to transcend representation in favor of presence and immediacy- in favor of the ephemeral. This text has moments of brilliance, but is largely overshadowed by excess bulk. The Resistance of the Place-Form 5. Foster views his roles as art critic and art historian as complementary rather than mutually opposed, in accordance with his adherence to postmodernism. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Is this this still hip?


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