Mar Dimensions and Specifications updated p 9, Page 5 3. Page 6 9. Page 7: 1. Specific safety issues are listed below with their appropriate icon.

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It incorporates the kitchen sliding drawer concept into the dishwasher, giving the user easier access, improved visibility and less movement to open and close. Page 6 The Electronic Display has a number of functions: It shows the approximate time remaining in the wash programme in hours and minutes. Delay symbol No. The red light is lit when this option has been selected This red light indicates the wash cycle that has been selected Power kWh Approx.

Water l Heavy 1. The detergent dispenser has two compartments, pre wash and main wash compartment. The pre wash and main wash compartments both have markings on the inside.

Page 15 Readily soluble in water 2. Non corrosive on equipment and dishware 3. Non irritating 4. Biodegradable 5. Economical in use 6. Readily rinseable 7. Stable during storage 8. Page 17 Bleaching Agents and Activators Bleaching agents decolourise soils like tea, coffee, lipstick and red wine.

Modern dishwashing detergents no longer contain active chlorine as a bleaching agent but active oxygen sodium perborate. Active oxygen is less toxic and less aggressive than active chlorine. Under normal conditions the active oxygen works at higher temperatures but an activator TAED is added to start the bleach at lower temperatures.

Rinse aid is an integral part of the dishwashing process. It performs an equally important function as the dishwasher detergent itself. Rinse aid breaks down the surface tension of the final rinse water. Unfortunately the tablets were not successful due to unsatisfactory disintegration and solubility properties; they disappeared from the market.

The tablets were introduced again in the mid s and since then have gained a big market share in the European market, both in automatic dishwashing detergent but also laundry and toilet cleaners. See pictures below. Fig 1: After filling for the main wash Fig 2: After the post rinse 2 If the tab is put into the cutlery basket with the current wash programs, version EE, most of the Page 21 The tablets are normally used in conventional dishwasher situations in soft water situations.

In the case of soft water situations there may be a problem with over dosing. In situations like this, there may be problem with glasses going opaque, scratchy.

There are number of reasons why this might occur.


Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer DD603 Service Manual

Page 3 Inlet Hose 1. Once the option adjustment mode is entered, a beep is emitted and the LCD displays the letters rA. The amount of rinse aid dispensed into a rinse cycle can be varied to suit the level of hardness of the local water supply. If the scrubbing brush is showing on the LCD, then the end of cycle beeps are activated.


Fisher & Paykel DD603 User Manual



Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer DD603 User Manual


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