Description Overview Be it office or school, one always desires to keep track of the people who marks their attendance. This feature-rich biometric system is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that helps you track and record every entry and exit of authorised individuals. The system is battery operated and therefore, will function even during power cuts. Available at Snapdeal, at a reasonable price, this biometric system has a massive storage capacity. It has a powerful CPU, clear display, and it uses the advanced technology. The eSSL biometric system also strengthens the security and the safety of your premises, whether it is an office or a shop.

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A biometric attendance machine like the ESSL X is an excellent option irrespective of the kind of work your organisation does. It helps you to monitor the entry and exit times of employees and visitors and also enables you to create checkpoints to deny or grant access.

In addition to one unit at the entrance to your organisation, you can have one placed on every floor or even at the door for particular rooms if needed. An automatic machine not only allows you to keep tabs on comings and goings, but also is quite helpful as it allows you to track attendance and thereby simplify the payroll system. It reduces attendance calculation errors, increases productivity and helps you save money too.

So why wait? Technology The ESSL X makes use of technologies like access card scans, pin code entry and fingerprint recognition. This allows you to prevent time wastage and proxy attendance issues. If you have restricted areas that are only for a select few, you can place it at the entry of that area to know who is accessing the area when and for how long.

This product can be used in conjunction with CCTVs for a complete monitoring system setup. Storage Capacity The fingerprint template capacity is , the transaction storage capacity is 1,00, and the card storage capacity is The fingerprint sensor is a DPI optical sensor. The identification speed is lesser than 0. The algorithm version is It also has an LED indicator that glows green or red and a mini speaker. Access Control The control features include in and out wiegand, 26 or 34 bit.

It has a door bell, a door sensor, a fire alarm support, an anti-passback option and a relay of 12 V for EM, bolt or strike locks. Compatibility It is compatible with multi-door controllers and supports an external printer. Software and SDK compatibility includes desktop and web smart office suite and Etime track. Major Applications The ESSL X can be used in any place of commerce like a corporate office, a bank, a mall, a hotel, a restaurant, a gym or club, etc.

Places with a large labour force like warehouses, factories and workshops will also benefit from a system like this. It can even be used in schools and colleges to record attendance. In fact, serviced apartment buildings and gated communities can also use it with a surveillance system to ensure added protection and restrict unwanted visitors.

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ESSL U990 Biometric Attendance System



Essl Biometric Attendance Machine Access Control X990



ESSL U990 Biometric Attendance System


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