Shelves: novels , sassysassenachs , pres , oxford-classics 11 April Sat down to write a capsule review of The Diary of a Nobody. Interrupted by a loving thump at the door. I studied my year-old self carefully then looked at my year-old self and noted nothing had changed facially in two years except I was even more handsomely bespectacled. Would you like to buy a copy of. After all, I wrote it. Mark Nicholls from circled the Mark Nicholls from like a toreador taunting a pacifist bull.

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The Diary of a Nobody

Pancras and Hampstead , London. Later, his actor-playwright-theatre manager son was credited as George Grossmith "Jr" rather than "III"; some sources confuse the two men. His other son, Lawrence Grossmith , was also a successful actor, primarily in America. In , he went to boarding school at Massingham House on Haverstock Hill in the district of Hampstead.


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George right and Weedon Grossmith The Diary of a Nobody was the work of George Grossmith and his brother Weedon Grossmith , the sons of a court reporter and part-time stage entertainer, also named George. The younger George followed his father, first as a reporter and later on the stage; the 7-years-younger Weedon studied at the West London School of Art and had some success as a portrait painter before becoming a comic actor. This included a minute burlesque version of Hamlet , in which George played the title role; Weedon was Ophelia. In that year he was seen by Arthur Sullivan and, separately, by W.

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