Source: Dell Along with the release of new mobile workstations , Dell announced three new desktop workstations. The new systems reside in redesigned cases with improved cable management, removable power supplies tool-less, removable by sliding out from rear panel , and in the case of the T removable hard drives. The new Precision workstations side-by-side. From left to right: T, T, and T The Precision T, a new single socket, mid-range workstation.

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T, T vs. T Dell Precision workstations are among the highest performing workstations in the world, and they are fully customizable. But with all the customizable models to choose from, how do you know which workstation is best for you? The Dell Precision T Workstation This workstation is top in its class for performance, especially for business users with graphic- and resource-heavy hardware requirements. This workstation runs on the latest operating system and features best-in-class endpoint security, including comprehensive encryption, advanced authentication and malware protection.

It is available in Basic, Advanced and Superior configurations. The Dell Precision T Workstation The Dell Precision T Workstation is a fully customizable and capable mid-range workstation that can meet the needs of the most demanding workflows. This high-end, sturdy workstation is well thought out, expertly designed and reasonably priced. The Dell Precision T can house up to two high performance Intel Xeon processors — the E v2 family of processors — with up to 12 cores per processor, for a total of The storage capacity in this workstation is flexible, offering expandability with front-accessible space for four 3.

It is also available in Basic, Advanced and Superior configurations and runs on the Windows 7 Professional operating system. The Dell Precision T Workstation The Dell Precision T Workstation is a powerful, reliable dual-socket workstation in a compact package with a clutter-free interior that provides easy access to components and a top tray for external drive or camera storage.

This workstation can handle heavy workloads and is a very efficient machine for most jobs, particularly scientific analysis, engineering and complex 3D modeling. You can choose from the Basic, Advanced or Superior configurations or completely customize your own.

Like the others, it also uses the latest operating system. Aventis Systems carries the Dell T with two 3. This workstation offers one external slimline optical bay, two internal 3. Side-by-Side Comparisons.


Refurbished Dell Precision T7610 Workstation (Build To Order)



Dell Precision T7610 Technical Specifications


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