Nicanor Abelardo — Filipino composer. Raised in Luzon Lodge No. Received degrees in Eupora Lodge No. Member of Farragut Lodge No. Initiated in Brunswick Lodge in Household Brigade Lodge No.

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Nicanor Abelardo — Filipino composer. Raised in Luzon Lodge No. Received degrees in Eupora Lodge No. Member of Farragut Lodge No.

Initiated in Brunswick Lodge in Household Brigade Lodge No. Ross Adair 14 December — 5 May U. Representative from Indiana. Raised in Albion Lodge No.

Member of St. Was a Knight Templar and Shriner. Adams 7 July — 8 October American author, screenwriter, composer, and newspaper reporter.

Raised in Mt. Vernon Lodge No. Congress and as Governor of New Hampshire. Junior Warden pro-tem of the Grand Lodge of Arkansas in Adams 23 October — 4 December American lawyer and politician from Delaware. Served as U.

Representative from Delaware. Representative from Illinois. Member of Justice Lodge No. Member of the Lodge at New-Brandeburg. Master of a Stockholm lodge and received the title of Protector of Swedish Freemasonry in Pilar Lodge No.

House of Representatives from Pennsylvania. Ainsworth 6 June — 30 December American pioneer businessman and steamboat owner in Oregon.

Helped organize the Grand Lodge of Oregon and served as grand master — Co-founded the Daily Times of Nigeria. Member Star of Nigeria Chapter No. Imprisoned in for being a Freemason. Speaker of the United States House of Representatives from to Albright 6 January — 28 March American conservationist.

Alcorn 4 November — 19 December leading southern white Republican during Reconstruction in Mississippi, where he served as governor and U. Second human to set foot on Extra-Terrestrial soil. Member of Montclair Lodge No. Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft Degree in Later demitted to City of Mexico Lodge No.

Banned all secret societies in , but rescinded the prohibition in He banned Freemasonry in Russia in due to concerns of political power of some lodges. President of the Juneau Shrine Club — Raised in St. Paul Lodge No. Paul Nebraska in Expelled for un-Masonic conduct in Served in both World Wars.

Governor General of Canada from — Past grand steward andpast grand warden of the G. Officer of the Grand Lodge of North Carolina in , , , and was senior grand deacon at his death in Grand Master of the Netherlands.

Member of Esperanza Lodge. House of Representatives from Texas. Alger 27 February — 24 January , 20th Governor and U. Senator from Michigan. Raised in in Corinthian Lodge No. Frank Allee 2 December — 12 October American merchant and politician. Senator from Delaware. Allen 23 July — 9 December U.

Representative from Ohio. Served in the Massachusetts state legislature and senate, and in the United States House of Representatives. First United States-appointed civilian governor of Puerto Rico. Member of Yeatman Lodge No.

Allen 6 October — 9 October 51st Governor of Massachusetts. Raised in Orient Lodge, Norwood, Massachusetts. Senator from Kansas — Brother of Ethan Allen. Vermont Lodge No. Grandmaster of the Grand Lodge of Ireland. Allen 8 August — 28 January 42nd Governor of Louisiana. Member of Eastern Star Lodge No. Politician and Master Architect. Salvador Allende — President of Chile — Lodge Progreso No. Golden Valley Lodge No. Member of both houses of the United States Legislature. Charter member of Mosaic Lodge No.

Honorary senior grand warden of the Grand Lodge of Iowa in Later a United States federal judge. Raised in Bowie Lodge No. United States federal judge. Alschuler — 11 June prolific Chicago architect. Co-founder of the Lau-taro Lodge in Primary lodge membership unknown, but made honorary member of Columbian Lodge of Boston.

Representative from New Mexico, the U. Secretary of Agriculture, and a U. Senator from New Mexico. Raised in Albuquerque Lodge No. Coached for Notre Dame, the Chicago Bears among others. Calumet Lodge No. Anderson 22 March — 9 February U. Representative from California. Raised in Texas Lodge No. Military Lodge No. After the war was a member of Princeton Lodge No. Raised in Mercer Lodge No.

Honorary member of Pacific Lodge No. Member of Vernon Lodge No. Attained the rank of brigadier general. Raised in Coteau Lodge No. Raised in George Washington Lodge No.



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