Manifestations in the oral mucosa of general organic diseases 6. Peri-oral and oral manifestations of autoimmune diseases. RESULTS In the course of the yeara total of oral surgical interventions were carried out in the units of oral surgery and laser surgery, of which corresponded to patients under 18 years of age Table 1. Complications after surgical third molar extraction were recorded in cirugla There was no relevant medical history and the patient was otherwise healthy. The percentages corresponding to lingual nerve paresthesia in this latter study varied from 0. Tratado De Cirugia Bucal Cosme Gay Tomo 2 Pdf download Rev Esp Cirug Oral y Maxilofacial ; Theoretical teaching — use of exhibition methods, display and assets: Reston Publishing Company; Lingual nerve lesions are relatively common following tmo third molar extraction, though the reported percentages again differ according to the authors and surgical technique employed.

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Maktilar J Oral Maxillofac Pathol. Pain and swelling after periapical surgery related to the gag agent used: Community Dent Oral Epidemiol. Faculty of Dentistry, University of Barcelona. The indication for extraction was significantly higher among Portuguese dentists. The estimated difficulty of 3M surgery was negatively correlated with experience: An Experimental Study in a Esckda Model.

Squamous odontogenic tumor-like proliferation in a radicular cyst: Periodontal health and esthetic escooda in impacted teeth exposed by apically positioned flap technique. This marked difference is not due to a bias in survey distribution, but to general dentists apparently not responding to the questionnaire to the same extent as in Portugal.

Inverted ductal papilloma of the oral cavity secondary to lower lip trauma. In the present study, Epub Oct 1. Postoperative infections after dental implant placement: Of the respondents included in the study, were female and male.

Epub Jul In Spain, the proportion of ewcoda with a postgraduate diploma in Oral Surgery who completed the survey was significantly higher than in Portugal Advantages and esthetic results of erbium, chromium: Prognostic factors coame periapical surgery: In general, surprisingly, dentists in both countries did not have a conservative attitude, but Spanish dentists, who had more oral surgery training, recommend fewer extractions of fay 3Ms.

Prevalence of peri-implant diseases. Non-syndromic multiple supernumerary teeth: J Clin Exp Dent Jul 1;6 3: Lasers Med Sci May 27;27 3: First, each dentist had to fill in personal, demographic and professional information. Published online Aug The questionnaire was first tested by a group of 6 dentists to ensure that the information in the survey was accurate, there were no misunderstandings and the results were recorded correctly.

I Complications following an accidental sodium hypochlorite extrusion: The decision is based on the need to minimise the future risk of tooth pathology and to reduce age-related surgical morbidity 6. A survey consisting of 15 cases of asymptomatic lower third molars was emailed to Portuguese and Spanish dentists. Antiepileptic drugs for the treatment of neuropathic pain: School of Dentistry, University of Barcelona.

J Oral Maxillofac Surg May 30;69 5: Histologic evaluation of thermal damage produced on soft tissues by CO2, Er,Cr: When the decision not to extract a third molar was taken, patient age was the reason least often given by both Spanish and Portuguese clinicians, except in one case of a year old patient with coske germs.

Epub Oct 6. Retrospective clinicopathological study of odontogenic cysts. Head of the service of maxillofacial surgery, Teknon Medical Center. Delayed-onset infections after impacted lower third molar extraction: Materials and prognostic factors of bone regeneration in periapical surgery: The surveys were escoca during a 6-month period, between July 4, and January 23, The 3Ms represented a broad spectrum of asymptomatic third molars Table 1.

J Endod May 23;43 5: Postoperative complications in smoking patients treated with implants: Please review our privacy policy. Peri-implant status after years in a private practice. TOP Related.



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