OLEObject is a dynamic object type, which means that the compiler will accept any property names, function names, and parameter lists for the object. PowerBuilder does not have to know whether the properties and functions are valid. This allows you to call methods and set properties for the object that are known to the server application that created the object. If the functions or properties do not exist during execution, you will get runtime errors.

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How can I do this? Is it possible or is it a limit of OLE to only be able to pass standard data types!?!?? Chad Bradley What do you mean by "never works"? Error, no reference? Are you passing it by reference or value?

Is it autoinstantiate? Not to worry. This is a p The still works fine, but after the merge focus is lost from Word and goes back to the apllication in PB 9.

How do I make sure that focus stays in Word? Is this simply an impossibility in PowerBuilder? Dynamic Properties. Thanks, Brian Not directly. Most times the objects in the collection have a Name property, perhaps a Value property, and t There are also 7 macros in module 1. I am trying to use OLE Automation to link to the spreadsheet, I need to populate some cells, run some macros and retreive some cells.

I can get excel and the spreadsheet to open in automation mode, I can retreive and populate individual cell value, and I can successfully close and disconnect from excel and the spreadsheet. My problem is that I cannot s Is PowerBuilder. General newsgroup broken? Mike Just saw some new ones now.. Where the user can type in some data. I think after about one minute in the Dialog, PowerBuilder brings up the message "Error calling external Function Is it possible to raise the timout, PowerBuilder waits for a correct return out of the function?

I am using PowerBuilder 7 Build Thanks in Advance, Andreas Eibegger andreas. If you want to make it longer than that, look at the SetAutoma I have two ways of Ole-Handling. For example word via oleobject saved as file and word via olecontrol, saved as blob in the database. Welcome to the PowerBuilder. General newsgroup Welcome to the Powersoft sponsored newsgroup for general PowerBuilder questions. While we encourage you to look around forums.

This news group seems to be down, trying to hit it from the web page. On Mon, 14 Apr , in powersoft. PowerBuilder 6. I have a problem that i dont know why it occurrs. I use PowerBuilder 6. XLS I make a connection to Excel. My problem is that when i want to close "one" of this files XLS, the Excel. I dont know if i explain well. My english is not well Thanks anyway ConnectToNewObject "pbobject. An error is coming When I am trying to post. Great thread in the powerbuilder.

Anybody that wants to pile on, please feel free to contribute! We have some quite complicated expressions, and the tiny little MLE control that PB uses to allow us to edit expression is very clumsy and yes, I do realize about the elipse to bring up the modal Modify Expression window - which contains an only slight less tiny MLE for editing the Expression.

Not to mention that embedded Returns in the expression can cause the computed field to behave funny. How about a real editor, complete with color markups, support for indentation and carrage returns, AutoScript even! Web resources about - oleobject - sybase.


ConnectToNewObject Error -3





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