Morgan is an ordinary girl who lives an ordinary life. However, her life becomes unsettled upon meeting Cal Blaire. During the party, Cal reveals his Wiccan origins by inviting his peers to join him in a circle to celebrate Mabon, one of the Wiccan Sabbaths. Feelings of discomfort and surprise cause many of the guests to leave, but Bree and Morgan decide to stay for the circle. Later, as the Samhain gathering comes to a close, Cal and his friends form a coven called Cirrus. During this circle, Morgan discovers that she is a "blood witch": a person who is naturally born with magical powers.

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Beschreibung bei Amazon Cate Tiernan is the pseudonym of Gabrielle Charbonnet, an American writer of young adult paranormal and fantasy novels. Tiernan was born in New Orleans, one of the most exotic and rich cultures in the American South that had a profound influence on her life and later writing.

While children in other American cities sold lemonade on their front yards, Tiernan and her fellow New Orleans kids made wax dolls of their enemies and sold voodoo dolls. Despite the constant humidity and humidity she found the city beautiful, particularly its acceptance of colorful and eccentric behavior and the air of indolence. She attended college in New York moved back home to New Orleans then back to New York, where she had got a job in publishing.

She found life in Manhattan incredible even though she earned very little money. There were so many interesting people to interact with and watch and so much to see and do, though after a while the frenetic energy started wearing her down. Eight years after moving to New York where she had helped edit L.

Cate Tiernan lived in New Orleans for the best part of five years during which time she has two children. But even as she found New Orleans an important and primal place for her children to be born in given the generations of her family that lived there, she felt it was time for a change. A few years after the birth of their children, the family moved to Durham North Carolina, a suburban city very different from New Orleans. While she has had generations of family that lived and grew up in New Orleans she denies being a witch and even finds Wicca to be too organized for her liking.

She is more of an idiosyncratic person that loves the pantheistic and new agey conventions of everyone doing their own thing. Nonetheless, she does relate to Wicca and has found inspiration for some of her novels from the religion. Talking of inspiration and influence, her biggest has been the empathetic, imaginative and sensual writing of Barbara Hambly. Other influences include the likes of Barbara Pym, P. The lead in the Sweep series of novels is Morgan Riordan Rowlands, who is also the narrator of the series.

She grew up in the household of Sean and Mary Grace Rowlands. They changed her name to Molly to confuse any spirits that may have been after her though she reverted back to Morgan when she was in the fourth grade. She knows nothing about magic until Cal Blaire a new senior student proficient in Wicca comes to the school. Through a relationship with Cal Morgan, she learns about her family origins, powers, and her heritage even as she struggles with her feelings for Cal.

What she does not know is that she has a whole range of foes, allies, family secrets, and hereditary powers that can only be unleashed if she together with her soul mate called Muirn beatha dan in Wicca.

Among some of her powers include shape shifting and pyrokinesis, a rare gift that is only found in blood witches that she got from her mother. Morgan Rowlands is a junior high schooler that lives in New York, supposedly living an ordinary life. But her tranquil life is turned upside down when Cal Blair a senior transfers to her school taking in all the girls with his olive skin, perfect body, colored eyes, and angelic face.

Having already become popular for his good looks and charisma he organizes a homecoming party for several of his schoolmates. It is at the party that Cal asks his closest school mates to join him in a room where he tells them he is a Wiccan.

He asks them to join him in a Wiccan Sabbath, a celebration of Mabon. Many of the guests leave in surprise and bewilderment but Morgan and Bree stay behind to participate. The decision turns out to be a life changer as Cal becomes interested in Morgan, who shows an uncanny ability for witchcraft.

A few days after celebrating the Samhain, Cal forms the Cirrus coven during which Morgan comes to learn that she had inherited magical powers from her mother. She confronts her parents believing that she had got her powers from them and receives a stinging emotional slap when they tell her she was adopted.

She goes out in a rage to go find her boyfriend Cal who comforts her. Their relationship grows stronger as Cal makes her believe that they are soul mates even if their relationship is on the brink of totally destroying her friendship with Bree. Morgan now wants to find who her parents were but her relationship with Cal has caused so much friction that Raven and Bree leave Cirrus to go to a coven led by Sky Eventide.

In her quest for her origins, Morgan eventually meets Hunter Niall and Sky of the rival coven and feels strangely wary around them. We recently conducted a poll among visitors and the Memory Man series was voted the 8th most favourite series by all readers.

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This series by Cleo Coyle has been going strong since and is still publishing highly rated books every year. An excellent series to get you through the cold months. More details. However there is a lot more to Blake than just that series. He has written some of the best sci-fi books there is such as Dark Matter and Recursion. More Details. Most of his childhood was spent living in a mobile home in Burbank, Washington.

However, after the divorce of his parents, Palahniuk and his siblings were sent to live with their maternal grandparents on a cattle ranch in Eastern Washington State.


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