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Briefcase size The great paradox with conventional multimedia projectors is that the better their picture quality the more unwieldy they become.

That is until now. By combining the latest and best in Canon optical technology, it produces presentations with big screen quality resolution, brightness and contrast from a briefcase size body.

Portable power Weighing in at only 3. The result is an outstanding 2, lumens - more than enough power to show presentations on a bright day, without drawing the curtains. Exceptional sharpness The sharpness produced by the advanced LCOS panels lifts picture quality even further.

By reducing the gaps between pixels that give pictures a grainy appearance, they ensure superbly faithful reproduction of even the most detailed images. It overcomes the low-contrast results of traditional projector technology by producing an incredible contrast ratio for rich, deep tones, true blacks and detail-filled highlights.

The special coatings on the projector lens elements help further by limiting reflections that can wash out images. Precision 1. This advanced 1. In addition, two aspherical elements eliminate aberrations, for high corner-to-corner contrast.

The LCOS panels operate at double frame speed, making seamless, flicker-free video presentations a reality. For even greater control, colour can be manually adjusted with the six-axis colour adjustment feature. They make it simple to select the best balance of image settings for a presentation with the push of a button. They include: Standard Mode - This mode is ideal for everyday use. Dynamic Mode - By choosing this mode, images are projected at the maximum ligh level possible in relation to current projector settings.

Cinema Mode - This mode is perfect for watching movies. It brings out more detail in the dark areas and provides a warmer hue. Progressive Scanning The progressive scanning feature ensures your film and video footage is reproduced at its best. By smoothing the movement between frames, it produces clear diagonal lines, super-sharp titles and cinema quality film, video and even high-definition video images.

Customisable image registration The customisable image registration feature enables you to manually control specific colour hues, while keeping images razor sharp. Simple to use From its functional exterior to its intuitive menu structure, every aspect of the XEED SX50 has been designed to make it simple to use.

The illuminated buttons are grouped for simple operation. Its one touch tilt action makes it easy to adjust on the fly. And keystone correction of plus or minus 20 degrees, horizontally and vertically, makes precise adjustment a breeze. It even includes a spotlight pointer feature for complete convenience.

Even the air exhaust points away from the audience, making it a lot less distracting.


canon sx60



Canon XEED SX50


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