Posted on April 2, by Mockmania in CAIIB - BFM , JAIIB The need to write this article arises only because we observed that maximum times the students are saying or communicating that, they are finding difficult to clear the CAIIB papers or some are able to clear up one of the compulsory subject along with other elective paper but have ended up with marks in the range of 40 to 44 in other compulsory subject and hence the end result is fail, and this is happening again and again loosing the credit of passed subject…. Even, if you observe, in the failure list all around, the maximum failure students has got the marks in 40 to Why this is happening? Why we are not getting more than 50? CAIIB underlines the fact that current day banking requires general as well as domain specific knowledge. It is seen that, in the specialization era, a candidate who has worked under one vertical in a bank for several years and has expertise in that area may not be equally comfortable working in a new vertical unless the knowledge of the new vertical is made available in a professional manner.

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It is not as difficult as the people think. A little hard work is required to understand the concepts. Practice of online mock tests will help the candidates to pass the examination easily. Gaining of three advance increments is a major financial advantage. One year one time relaxation for each part will be given in minimum required qualifying service for promotions. Aspirants have to enroll for the membership with Indian Institute of Banking and Finance.

Enrolled candidates will be given four attempts in a block of four attempts. If a candidate has secured 45 marks in each subject and average of 50 marks in single attempt will be declared as passed. Otherwise he has to secure 50 marks in each subject. For example 45 marks secured in first subject, 45 marks secured in second subject and 60 marks in third subject will be declared as passed.

If he failed, subjects passed with 50 marks and above will be carried over to next attempt till 4th attempt is completed. If he could not complete all subjects in four attempts, he has to start again new block of four attempts losing his past credits.


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Become an Affiliate CAIIB-Advanced Bank Management Online Test Which of the following functions are performed by money a medium of exchange b a measure of value c a store of value over time d standard for deferred payments. The IS curve is derived from which of the following: A wave of prosperity or depression in one industry, in the case of a business cycle, will generate a waive in other industries soon. Which of the following features of a business cycle it represents: Which of the following is not a feature of the recovery phase in a business cycle? Which of the following sector is called tertiary sector of Indian economy? As per provisions of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act , the enterprises are classified into following 2 categories: In the first 50 years of 19th century, the economic growth rate was 0. It increased to 3.


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