Ghillyer provides assistance to employees by taking a journey through the challenging world of business ethics at the ground level of the organization rather than flying through the abstract concepts and philosophical arguments at the treetop level. By examining issues and scenarios that relate directly to their work environment and their degree of autonomy in that environment , employees can develop a clearer sense of how their corporate code of ethics relates to operational decisions made on a daily basis. About the Author: Dr. Andrew W. Ghillyer is the former vice president of academic affairs for Argosy University in Tampa, Florida, and is an adjunct instructor in all aspects of business ethics, management, and leadership.

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Much of popular relationship advice is simply made up. Personal experiences are more important for understanding relationships than statistics. There are too many charlatans and hucksters in the relationship advice field. Sound relationship research has an important influence on behavior in the real world. All rights reserved. No reproduction or distribution without the prior written consent of McGraw-Hill Education.

All of these. Causal B. Descriptive C. Explicit D. Implicit 8. Personal experience B. Social problems C. Previous research D. Popular literature 9. Chapter 02 - Research Methods Convenience samples B. Representative samples C. Random samples D. Cumulative samples Which sample is most appropriate for her research on intimate relationships? Representative sample B.

Random sample C. Convenience sample D. Cumulative sample Jody is using a n : A. Temperature and ice cream sales: A. Her research question applies to whether the number of college prep classes one takes in high school is related to the number of dates one had in high school.

What type of design is she most likely to use? Correlational design B. Experimental design C. Developmental design D. Variable design Whether parenting attitudes cause a couple to be compatible B. Whether the relationship between attitudes and compatibility is positive or negative C.

The strength of the relationship between attitudes and compatibility D. Whether there is a relationship between attitudes and compatibility Frequent sexual behavior leads to increased feelings of affection. Increased feelings of affection lead to more frequent sexual behavior. Feelings of love cause both sexual behavior and feelings of affection to increase.

The correlation is illusory; the two are unrelated. Correlational designs B. Experimental designs C. Variable designs D. It is likely that these researchers are using: A. This is an example of a n : A. Structured laboratory settings B. Unstructured laboratory settings C. Natural settings D. Every so often, the device turns on and records what is happening. It is most likely that these researchers are using: A.

If you send text messages to participants every six hours to study how much they are thinking about their partner, it is an example of: A. Your study is most likely to be affected by which of the following factors? Experimenter bias B. Reactivity C. Lack of validity D. Bystander effect Archival B.

Questionnaire C. Meta-analysis D. Census data from , , , and He is using: A. The findings are important. It is unlikely the results were simply due to chance. The results will be significant for society. The findings are true. These three sources are: A.


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