Loose linerLiners protect the bellows from particles in themedium and provide a smoother flow at highvelocities. Open the catalog to page 8. Expansion joints can be designed A key component in the operation of power stations. APItex 2 Recommended applicationsProcess industryOil and gas industryRefining technologyPetrochemical industryChemical industryLight volatile and highly viscous hydrocarbonsToxic and hazardous mediaMedia with poor lubrication propertiesLow solids content Up to 7 bar PSI Typical axial movement: As versatile as the requirements of the chemical industry: Thousands of wholesale products available. All EagleBurgmann catalogs and technical brochures. Application examples, advantages, range of services.

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Aradal PDF download — 2. Mechanical seals, magnetic couplings, carbon floating ring seals, compression packing cartridges, seal supply systems. QFT 3 Circulation Plan 52 installation. Brochure API 4th edition sealing competence Competences, references, product locator. MR-D double seal with DiamondFace inbioculture productionSecure and reliable, even wherelubrication is poorThe pharmaceutical industry has a setof very special requirements concerningthe design of seals.

Sealing solutions from EagleBurgmann for water extraction, water treatment, water transport, sewage water technology, flood protection and large scale water projects as well as industrial and special water applications.

About us Products Gearboxes and gearmotors Motovariators Drives and inverters Servo drives and servo motors Electric motors Brake motors Drive components Mechanical transmission Industrial chains Power transmission belts Bearings Couplings Conveyor belts and components Electric and mechanical vibrators Switchboards Pumps and valves Seals Hydraulic components Tensioning technology Industrial wheels Linear systems Bulk solids handling equipment Industrial Plastics Industrial brakes and clutches Screw Jacks Brushless motors Servoactuators Endless spirals Centrifugal fans Beta tools Industrial mixers Deca welding equipment Racks Automatic tighteners Antivibration Mountings Rollers for industrial conveyors Mechanical turning Industrial lubricants Industrial adhesives and sealants Pumps and gearboxes remanufacturing.

The solution for preventing seal failures due to contaminated seal gas. The Online Industrial Exhibition. The diversity of possible CobaSeal — the barrier seal solution for compressors Separation seal breakthrough improves UK gas grid compressor reliability. The geometries of the seal face and catqlogue of the SHVI product side were optimized withFEM calculations and conditioned for reliableapplication under all operating conditions and media compositions.

Up to 1 bar The diversity of possible applications, however,means that they Mechanical seal H75VN in cumene pump station Process, problem and solution. Thermo Stop prevents temperaturelayeringDuring standstill at high temperatures, typicallya thermosiphon effect occurs.

Bhrgmann variants BT-RN3 Product variant with seal faces made of brazed tungsten carbide which is suitable for media with medium corrosive and abrasive characteristics.

Roller bellows seal MF90 in methyl methacrylate Demanding medium, successful retrofit. Band Perforated pipe capCover option: Checklist for approaching a suited medium.

Situation, challenge, solution and application examples from practical experience. API 4th edition product range. The pressure transmitter detectspressure changes in the seal chamber andsignals an Dangerous or precious media remain isolated inthe closed system circuit. Open the catalog to page 4. Impact testing of weld endsService: DiamondFaces coated sliding faces — the mechnical against electro-chemical corrosion.

Intrduction to processes and machines, references. Competence in standard and engineered solutions. Leaflet Sealing competence for efficient seal water management Massive savings: Related Posts


Burgmann Replacement Seals

Kajizshura Leaflet Customized sealing technology seminars Customized sealing technology seminars: Register here to subscribe. Worldwide spread, this type of mechanical Mechanical seal SHFVI for a boiler circulation pumpDoes not blow off steamWaste, natural gas, coal, wood and biogasare the fuels used by a Finnish powersupplier to produce electricity and districtheating in two power plants. Diamond solution for the power station sector Diamond-faced mechanical seals for boiler feed water pumps defy electro-chemical corrosion and offer long service life. Seal construction isprimarily determined by the Brochure Cartex cartridge seals The universal nechanical of mechanical seals for pumps. The advantages are clear: Diamond-faced mechanical seals for boiler feed water pumps defy electro-chemical corrosion and offer long service life. The service solution for more flexibility, economic efficiency and planning reliability.


Our products keep sealed – period.



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Our products keep sealed – period.


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