Morg Planning your backup and recovery strategy. These files and objects contain all the information about all the policies used by BRMS, all the saved history for all previous backups, and all the managed media. These interfaces are not mutually exclusive. BRMS enables you to track all of your media from creation to expiration. As your business needs change and grow, you can add functions to the BRMS base product by purchasing and installing additional options.

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The message will now be sent to the users job log as well. With this PTF, the control group items will be allowed to move up or down. In V5R4 and above, signoff exceptions are not honored when there are more than 99 users in the list of users that are excluded from being signed off during a backup. In V5R4 and above, a media class will not be allowed to be deleted if you have media assigned to it, a media policy assigned to it, it is in the system policy, it is in a container class and NOW if you have saved items with it.

In V5R4 and above, duplicate email notifications may be sent if the BRMS log contains multiple messages that were logged at the same time. In V5R4 and above, if you have more than objects in a domino incremental package, we will not restore all the transaction logs.

In V5R4 and above, if a volume wrote to seq 1, BRMS does not clean up the history correctly on the previous owning system. This fix will only fix any future writes to seq 1 and cleaning history. It will NOT correct volumes that already have incorrect history. BRMS will continue to look for append media. In V6R1 and above, when the default first column of a list view in the BRMS plugin for the iNav client is moved, there might be other columns with incorrect values.

The first default column will not be allowed to move to avoid the incorrect values. Open Tasks in L2C fails. No tasks are displayed and there are errors in the log.

Fixed in V7R1 do not add to cover letter for v5r4 nor v6r1


IBM eServer System i Magazine Article: V5R4 Introduces Virtual Tape and its Many Backup Benefits

From this screen, you will see a column for each Entry. The Relational database alias is optional and allows you to have multiple entries for a single relational database on a remote system. The Entry column on the Work with Relational Database Directory Entries screen displays the relational database alias if one exists; otherwise, it displays the relational database name. This can make it difficult to determine which RDB entry is the correct one for the remote system. Following we have an example and some example screens. In this case, the RDB entry is the same as the system name; however, this may not be the case.



Vukree BRMS enables you to track all of your media from creation to expiration. BRMS is not a replacement for a backup, recovery, and media management brsm it is a tool that you use to implement your strategy. These interfaces are not mutually exclusive. You can use the character-based interface for some tasks and the graphical interface for other tasks, or you can choose to use one interface exclusively. Bbrms addition, users can view the save history of any system in the network from a single system. The BRMS Advanced feature allows archive capabilities of database files, stream files, and documents based on frequency of use, inactivity limit, object size, or disk pool thresholds.

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