The Ear Hook is aluminum covered with rubber for firm grip and is detachable. On the looks front, as I have mentioned earlier as well, it is a very stylish and sleek looking headset shouting of its superior quality. With an arched design, the Q2 has dedicated buttons for features like volume control and turning the device on or off. There is however a Multi Function Button MFB which not only provides regular answering or disconnecting call feature but also works for all voice enabled features like voice dialing or voice to text through the Android app. Features This is the part where the review gets interesting. The Q2 boasts not only standard BlueAnt headset features but the company has added more to the successor of Q1 bluetooth headset.

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We applaud this feature, but we found that it could stand a bit of tweaking. For example, when we called ourselves, the headset announced "Call from Lee, Nicole" instead of the more common first name, last name protocol.

Obviously, this depends on how the headset interprets the names listed on your phone, so your results may vary. Also, we found that the announcement of the caller name was a little softer and quicker than we would like.

We were very pleased with the headsets call quality. The BlueAnt T1 combines the aforementioned physical wind noise guard along with its Wind Armour Technology software that promises to deliver good audio quality even in wind speeds of up to 22 mph. Indeed, when we made a call while sitting in front of a noisy desktop fan, we were surprised that our callers could still hear us quite clearly. They did report hearing some background sound, but it was relatively faint and muffled compared with the sound of our voice.

We also tested the call quality in the real world--in a moving vehicle, and in an outdoor cafe. In both situations, the headset did its job. We heard our callers with just a little bit of static, while they could hear us very clearly as well. We thought our callers sounded very natural, almost as if they were next to us.

It is also able to perform last number redial, and automatic connection and reconnection with your phone.


BlueAnt Q2 Bluetooth Headset Review

With a design right out of a Sci-Fi flick, I absolutely loved the way it looks. The BT headset has a number of buttons on it but they all are there for a reason. There are two volume buttons, big enough for anyone not to miss them while increasing or reducing the volume. The call answer button is on the outside of the headset and it is also big enough to easily answer the incoming calls by gently pressing it. As mentioned earlier, the T1 headset comes with 2 silicon covers for protection from dust, dents and accidental falls but in addition to this, it also gives a sleek look to the headset as well. I would give an additional point to BlueAnt to come up with such a brilliant idea.


BlueAnt T1 “Rugged” Bluetooth Headset Review

The company is back with the T1, a rugged Bluetooth headset. The BlueAnt T1 has a fairly conventional Bluetooth headset design. The T1 headset is finished in glossy black plastic and features sharp curves and flat edges. BlueAnt is generous with included accessories, packing in five sets of rubber ear tips in various sizes. Once we found the right sized tips, we found the T1 rugged Bluetooth headset comfortable to wear, even for long periods. The lack of an included ear hook may disappoint some users.


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BlueAnt T1 rugged Bluetooth headset


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