Safety Instructions Safety Instructions Observe the following instructions to use the product safely and prevent any risk of injury or property damage. Warning Noncompliance of instructions could lead to serious injury or death. Installation Do not install the product in a place with direct sunlight, moisture, dust, or soot. Do not install the product in a place with heat from an electric heater.

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This article is now outdated. Check your device ID written on the device label on the back of the device. Change the device ID into hexadecimal numbers.

Select Dec and input the device ID. Click Hex. Result is BC5. This is going to be the latter half of the MAC address. Open a command prompt and type arp —a. My device IP is The two digits after FC are different based on the device model. Please refer to the chart below. You can use Wireshark to figure out the IP address of a device with a different subnet. Arp —a command can only search devices within the same subnet. You can download Wireshark from the following link Follow the procedure below.

Install Wireshark. Connect your device with your PC directly with an Ethernet cable. Run Wireshark. Select your network card interface and click start. Put a filter with the MAC address with the format shown below. Click on the arrow to start the filter. Power off and power on the device. Now you will only see packets that are coming from your device. Look for the arp request. Tell Note that 1. Set the test PC IP into the same subnet range of your device.

Search and add the device in BioStar and change the device IP.


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