The term "3D" in cinema refers to two concepts: computer-generated images CGI or CG , which relies on 3D virtual models of objects like the famous Utah teapot; and stereoscopic s3D movies, in which the images, if seen through appropriate glasses, seem to reach out of the screen. These two 3Ds should be clearly distinguished, even if the current renaissance of 3D cinema was sparked by a dozen "3D animation" movies released "in 3D. Chances are that you have recently seen a 3D movie in a theater near you. As you may know, 3D cinema is cinema where landscapes extend far beyond the screen and objects fly inside the room, thanks to 3D projectors and glasses.

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Sex and race as the key drivers of the Internet and its evolution. Chun supports her argument with wide-ranging research and sharp-edged critical reflection. It is advisable to read the entire book including the Introduction: pp Chapter 5: Control and Freedom challenges the reader to acknowledge the ongoing interleaving of concepts that may initially appear to be bipolar.

An extraordinary presentation of research: some theoretical, some experimental, some practice-based. Highly inspirational and a visual feast. A book for selective reading or just scanning, cover to cover: pages. It encapsulates a single-minded vision empowered by a substantial amount of research. It is advisable to read the entire book including Introduction: pp Seidensticker, Bob c.

Debunks the accepted myths of technological change and the seductiveness and speed of processes of innovation. It is advisable to read the entire book including Preface: pp ix Chapter Innovation Stimulation offers a particularly witty yet cynical view of the opportunities for successful innovation. Share this:.

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