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An Advent calendar featuring Santa Claus riding his sleigh Traditional Advent calendars feature the manger scene , Saint Nicholas and winter weather, while others range in theme, from sports to technology.

Many Advent calendars take the form of a large rectangular card with "windows", [5] one for each day of December leading up to and including Christmas Eve December 24 or Christmas Day December Consecutive doors are opened every day leading up to Christmas, beginning on the start of the Advent season for that year, [2] [3] or in the case of reusable Advent calendars, on December 1.

Often the doors are distributed across the calendar in no particular order. The calendar windows open to reveal an image, a poem, a portion of a story such as the story of the Nativity of Jesus , or a small gift, such as a toy or a chocolate item. Often, each window has a Bible verse and Christian prayer printed on it, which Christians incorporate as part of their daily Advent devotions.

The long-established British magazine Country Life incorporates an Advent calendar—which it describes as "our famous Advent calendar"— [8] in its cover for the final issue of November. There are many variations of Advent calendar, including social media Advent calendars, and string up reusable Advent calendars. Many towns have created living advent calendars. Some Advent calendars even eschew traditional Christmas motifs and themes, focusing only on Jesus [9] as the central character of the Christmas story.

Such a show first aired on radio in in the form of the Swedish radio series Barnens adventskalender ; the first televised show of the genre aired in in the form of the Swedish program Titteliture. The televised julkalender or julekalendar has now extended into the other Nordic countries ; in Finland, for example, the show is called Joulukalenteri. Over the years, there have been several kinds of julekalender; some are directed at children, some at both children and adults, and some directed at adults alone.

There is a Julkalender radio show in Sweden, which airs in the days leading up to Christmas. The windows contain Christmas poems. Images, from a cut-out sheet, were pasted over them. A home-made Advent calendar featuring presents. An Advent calendar consisting of images that have dates on the inverse side.


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