Grom Notify me of new posts by email. He worked as Professor at the Universities of Baghdad and of Algiers and published many books and essays on Ali Al-Wardi and various philosophical and social alwarri in Arabic and in German. The mind is relative in time and space, and necessarily acquires its particular characteristics in proportion to the amount of knowledge it produces about the world, and in proportion to the amount of knowledge it generates. Your Mobile number has been verified!

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Shakataxe If we accept that the fanaticism of the mind changes in step with the changing circumstances and social environment, then Al-Wardi failed to realize that the human mind can change in tandem with social change and development, since society is in flux rather than static in time and space. This key discovery in the history of philosophical thought rallied all the effective criticisms in order to extricate Man from his ignorance and failure, to make him doubtful and to alert him to the fact that the chronic ignorance that controls his mind had never been analyzed, critiqued or reviewed.

Much had been written on the subject, including some contradictory statements. Make sure to buy your groceries and daily needs Buy Now. According to Al-Wardi, this does not mean that there are no general and comprehensive truths like justice and injustice, since Man claims that justice and truth are so important to him that he would sacrifice himself and his wealth for them. Al-Wardi said that this mental framework is not understood, and the reason why there is resistance to any new trend; there is initial resistance, but then ultimately this gives way to submission.

One of the negative aspects of rationalism is that it is also a product of the prevailing social culture in which human beings are reared, and through which their mental abilities develop. Ali Al-Wardi — Wikiquote Are you an author? Although alwsrdi peers did not understand him at the time, he tried to dismantle Aristotelian logic and build a new one, based on changing social realities. Moreover, socially changing such attributes would be possible only if the social conditions that motivated them changed too.

This is why they presented logical explanations for all human behaviour, based on consciousness and thought and its logical justification. He drew his ideas from three major sources:. Furthermore, although philosophers agree that the mind is what distinguishes Man from the animals, they disagree about its identification and limitations. Al-Wardi said that Ibn Khaldoun saw human nature as inconstant and changeable in tandem with the social circumstances in which the human being lives, and this also applies to human society.

All things have reasonable causes, though philosophers here have a disagreement. This also applies to the human mind; it does not feel the weight of the mental framework constraining it, except if it moves to another society and culture. Ali Al-Wardi and his critique of the human mind. In reality, however, that Man likes the truth when it serves him well, but if it does not, he sees it from a different standpoint, and tries to find reasons to downgrade its importance.

Should I pay a subscription fee to always have free shipping? English Choose a language for shopping. He reproached them for believing that the human being was made of clay that they could mould and shape as they aowardi Haidari— If human behaviour is to be understood, it is necessary to understand what motivates it.

For example, when alwarei explain a dream or make a slip of the tongue, we usually fail to understand the motive or motives behind it. For Al-Wardi, the old misguided logic, based on the premise that Man adopts his beliefs through his own free will, and reaches his decision alsardi thought and vision, is a mistake that often leads to injustice, and it is unfair, for this reason, to punish people for beliefs instilled in them during their social upbringing.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. This does not mean that Al-Wardi did not believe, however, in the existence of facts. For Al-Wardi, although the ancient philosophers saw Man as a rational animal, we have now come to realize that Man is not, in fact, as rational as rationalist Greek philosophy portrayed him to be.

This mental framework is drawn from society that imposes on the human being a specific set of social and cultural rules and values; if anyone violates these rules and values, feelings of aggression are generated because of the deeply embedded believe that truth and justice is on its side. Similar authors to follow These elements make him a rational human being; different from other living creatures.

Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. The most important works ofAli Al-Wardi are: Book deals with the views of the ancients in dreams the muslims views about Islam The deams effects on the Islamic society and the dreams effects in I slamic Doctrines You can reviewed the index.

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Danris Aristotelian logic is linked to the old traditional methods of thought and demonstration. Despite the many criticisms directed at his enlightening ideas, he managed to obstinately forge ahead and bring about a total break with the old ways of thinking and worn-out social habits, traditions and conventions, in an attempt to develop a new mentality, based on a modern scientific logic in place of the old descriptive one. This is why it is not easy for people to see the objective truth in a similar manner if their circumstances, interests and social methods are different. However, in few years travelled to the United States to attain his Masters and Ph. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. This Kantian assumption that sees the mind as a second nature to man was criticized by Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud and Charles Darwin, all of whom highlighted the role that motives, desires, reactions and interests play in steering the mind.


Ali Albwardy

Zuzragore This is when it realizes that there are ideas, values and concepts different to those it invented. Most wars and conflicts among people are an outcome of the mental framework that restricts the human mind and keeps it captive. This page was last edited on 17 Decemberat His ultimate aim was to allow Iraqi citizens access to these ideas with the aim of creating new intellectual spaces capable of accommodating modern scientific and sociological theories and, furthermore, to continue to interact with them and embrace all that is innovative, creative and productive. This is why the rationalists believed that the human mind is limited, and accused it of being inadequate; beset by illusions and swayed by desires Al-Buleihi The Shia agreed with them on that aspect. English Choose a language for shopping. Human nature is an organized collection of ideas, temperaments, tendencies and habits that distinguish one person from another and an outcome of the interaction between nature and nurture, or natural instincts and social norms.


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In , when he was eleven years old he left school to assist his father in his atar shop who sold Atir a fragrant floral oil which has a pleasing aroma that people accustomed to purchase for all social occasions such as religious events, memorial services, wedding and birth. But he was expelled from the job because he was reading books and Journals instead of taking care of the customers. He enrolled in regular school after the first world war and subsequently after the collapsing of Ottoman Empire and the commencement of British occupation. In , he enrolled in evening school and graduated as a savvy gentleman and appointed as a middle school teacher for couple of years. During the graduation ceremony, the Chancellor of the Texas University acknowledged and highly awarded Al-Wardi regarding to his new vision in Sociology and academic accomplishment that draw a link between history and sociology. Al-Wardi was greatly affected by Ibn Khaldun in Sociology who considered as the "Godfather of Sociology" and introduced the Islamic civilization to the west.




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