Is the capsule inserted crooked? If a capsule has not been inserted properly it may have become tilted and the lever cannot close completely. In this case, remove the capsule and insert a new one. Is the spent-capsule container full? The spent capsule container will only hold up to 10 capsules and needs to be regularly emptied.

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Page 3: Safety Information Safety information This instruction manual and the When connecting to the pow- safety information are provided er supply, ensure that the mains to guide you towards safe ap- voltage complies with the infor- pliance operation.

Disregarding mation on the nameplate. The them can lead to hazards caused appliance may only be connected by the appliance. Page 4 Safety information continued physical, sensory or mental ca- Please never use the lever to pabilities or lack of experience lift the appliance. Ensure that and knowledge if they have been children do not insert any objects into appliance openings. Only given supervision or instruction ever use the appliance with the concerning use of the appliance Page 5 To avoid 5 Water tank lid injuries, do not reach into the capsule insertion opening - injury hazard.

The device automatically safety information on pages Page 9 Empty the collecting container after- wards. The appliance is ready for use. For further information please visit Set the insertion date month using www. Page 11 Empty the collecting container. Press the "Large cup" button without a capsule. When all scalding hazard. Page Preparing Drinks Preparing drinks e. This means that you have to switch the appliance on again by pressing any button before preparing drinks.

Now complete the rinse process outlined in step in the initial start-up instruction without a capsule inserted. Tips for more enjoyment Coffee brewed to your personal tastes: EXPRESSI offers a wide range of coffee and speciality capsules with a variety of taste profiles and strengths for your enjoyment.

Page Programming Cup Capacity Programming cup capacity Now press the button for the required cup size for at least 3 seconds to activa- setting range factory setting Buttons te programming.

Release the button. The [ml] [ml] button will blink rapidly during program- ming. Water will commence dispensing. Page Resetting To Factory Settings This means that the applian- ce automatically switches itself off after 5 minutes of non-use. Please We recommend that you carry empty all containers.

Page 17 Rotate the spout and remove it. Plea- Take the mains plug out of the mains se now rinse this out with hot water and socket. Open the lever and clean the ap- screw it on again. After this, refit all the containers into the appliance.

Page Cleaning With Cleaning Fluid Cleaning interval: 1 x monthly, more often if using drink capsules containing milk. For further information re- garding product suitability please visit www. Page 19 product instructions and insert it into container must be emptied, rinsed out the appliance. Place a sufficiently large thoroughly and cleaned.

Reinsert the water filter optional. Page Cleaning With A Cleaning Capsule Cleaning with a cleaning capsule and place a sufficiently large collecting Only use cleaning capsu- container underneath the spout. For further information regarding pro- duct suitability please visit www. Page 21 Now open the lever, activate capsule ejection, close the lever and empty the collecting container.

Replace the emp- ty collecting container under the spout again. NOTE Exact water quantities dispensed in steps 4 and 5 will depend on the machines current programmed cup capacity. For further information regarding product suitability If you are using a water filter, please please visit remove it from the water tank. Page 23 2 Machine will now be programmed to Reinsert the water filter if applicable.

Page 25 Take the mains plug out of the socket. Open the lever and clean the appliance from outside using a moist cloth. After this, close the lever completely again and replace all the containers in the appliance. Remove the drip tray and the used capsule container and empty them. Use of non-original capsules can result in the fol- lowing risks: health risks, damage to the appliance and possible loss of warranty claims. More frequently depending on water hardness in your local area.



On Expressishop. The range is available to view here. If your query is regarding cleaning or descaling your machine, see the Cleaning and Care Support section. You may also refer to section 6 at the bottom of this page, to download a copy of the relevant User Manual for your machine. Your machine model number is available on the base of your machine or on the side of your box.


ALDI expressi Quick Start Manual

Mikagor I cut the top off a capsule, tipped-out the contents and refilled it with fresh coffee from the grinder. I see that it says on the box: Im under no illusion that price point expresxi dictates quality and performance. What I can say is that they are very strict with their suppliers on quality. You open a sealed ground coffee package and its only fresh for maybe amount of coffees consumed for that day, then its going stale. By registering an account with the site you can access your purchase history and store your shipping address.

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