Masa naley do najstarszej dziedziny wiedzy lekarskiej. Wywodzi si z Indii i Chin, gdzie wchodzi w zakres rytuau religijnego. Ju cjjj lat p. W okresie medycyny sakralnej kapani zalecali jego stosowanie, tak jak i wd mineralnych, w czasie speniania obrzdw, ktre byy czci kultu religijnego i jednoczenie miay znaczenie lecznicze.

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Source code github Use the Port menu to select the serial port. Rotate the Prop Shield to collect calibration data. As better data is collected from many angles, the 4 error numbers will decrease and the red dots will form a sphere which rotates perfectly centered. After calibration data is written, you can run either of these examples to use the calibrated data. To see the orientation data in graphical form, use Processing to run the Orientation Visualizer.

You many need to edit this code with your serial port name. Of course, close the Arduino Serial Monitor window, so the Processing sketch can access the data. Audio Amplifier The Prop Shield has a 2 watt audio amplifier, capable of driving 4 or 8 ohm speakers. By default, the amplifier remains in a low power mode.

You must drive pin 5 high to turn on the amplifier. It typically needs 8 milliseconds to wake up. Nearly all the audio library examples are designed for the Audio Shield. Then delete the SGTL object and any code which uses it. By default, the audio library will create a 1. Doing this before powering up the amp will avoid a loud click. On Teensy LC, the Talkie library can be used for simple voice synthesis.

If no other SPI chips are used, it can simply be set high in setup. The SPI transactions functions should also be used. You will need to include SPI. The SerialFlash library is used to access this memory. Use TeensyTransfer to copy files to the flash chip without a SD card. Technical Details.


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