My father, though a physician by profession, was also a gifted pianist. I also learned that Herbie is best friends with Wayne Shortera world famous saxophonist. Other affinity cases include: Reincarnation research has revealed that souls replicate talent and abilities from past lifetimes, as demonstrated in the Paul Gauguin Peter Teekamp reincarnation case. Denise thought Herbie would be interested in reincarnation research. I read that Herbie was a child prodigy pianist, born in Chicago, Illinois, my own home town. Many people have written to me forwarding the hypothesis that Michael Jackson is the reincarnation of Amadeus Mozart, as both were childhood prodigy musicians and perceived as eccentric.

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And it now seems that MJ himself may have believed this to be the case. Could it be true? If so, then it appears that this soul has for some reason relived a very similar life pattern.

At first glance, they are very different people. Mozart was Austrian, born January 27, in Salzburg. Nevertheless, the similarities in their life histories are quite striking: Both were born the seventh child in a very musical family. Both were musically talented from a very early age.

Mozart had mastered his first keyboard piece just before his fifth birthday; he was the toast of Viennese society by age 7 and soon became a child star all over Europe.

By age 8 Jackson had already taken over singing lead vocals in the Jackson 5. Both missed out on a normal childhood, spending the entire time immersed in a punishing regime of practicing, touring and performing, all imposed by a strict father. Michael Jackson was physically, verbally and emotionally abused by his father from a young age, enduring beatings and even whippings.

Both later fell out with their father and went their own way. Despite periods of great financial success, both were prone to extravagant over-spending and later struggled with debt.

Both maintained a child-like personality in adulthood. Both enjoyed dressing flamboyantly and keeping a variety of pets. Spot The Similarity I initially thought there would be little or no physical similarity between Mozart and Jackson. However, I read that Mozart was described as small, thin and pale with large, intense eyes and a soft speaking voice which could be very powerful when required. All the same could easily be said of Michael Jackson. The writing credit for the song is given to one W.

So, all this inspired me to gather some pictures of the two and make some direct comparisons. See what you think. Mozart and Michael Jackson in childhood. A sign of things to come, weirdly. This alleged death mask of Mozart below was found in Mozart died at the age of 35, possibly from complications stemming from strep throat.

A panel of experts concluded in February that Mozart died of natural causes. Nikolaus Closset see comment below by LisaG. According to Wikipedia : A suggestion is that Mozart died as a result of his hypochondria and his predilection to taking patent medicines containing antimony. In his final days, this was compounded by further prescriptions of antimony to relieve the fever he clearly suffered.

Below, the death mask is compared with pictures of MJ around the same age. Note how the features are in very close alignment — the corners of the mouth, for example. Notice also the way the chin is asymmetrical in both cases. So, if this apparent reincarnation from Mozart to Michael Jackson is valid, then this one soul has managed to become both the greatest musical composer the world has ever known and the most popular musical entertainer on the planet.

What about between the lives of Mozart and Michael Jackson? Incidentally, their soul type was originally said to be Sage [in Messages From Michael ], but the consensus now is that this is an Artisan soul. Michael Jackson has recently been channelled via both Holly Coleman and Troy Tolley to be a Mature Artisan soul with, during this life, a goal of Acceptance, a Spiritualist attitude and a mode of Passion, and with the chief feature of Self-deprecation and possibly Self-destruction.

Now each stage consists of seven distinct growth steps making 35 steps in all — see table below. Each level of growth involves a unique learning experience, and that learning experience requires a whole lifetime to set up, undergo and assimilate. In fact, it often takes two, three or four lifetimes to complete a single step. In which case, there must have been at least one life in-between when the soul underwent the fourth level. Eston Hemings Jefferson I have recently come across the work of past-life researcher Walter Semkiw who consults a spirit guide through well-known medium Kevin Ryerson.

Semkiw has enquired into the past lives of Michael Jackson. Although the Mozart connection was not confirmed, Semkiw has also been told through Ryerson that Michael Jackson had a nineteenth-century incarnation in the USA.

Eston Hemings was the youngest of these, and most historians now believe that Jefferson was indeed his father. Approaching thirty, Eston moved with his family to Chillicothe, Ohio, starting a new life as a professional musician. He played violin and lead a successful dance band who were much in demand all across southern Ohio. In , amid rising racial tensions in their locale, Eston and family moved to Madison, Wisconsin, where they changed their surname to Jefferson and were registered as white.

Unfortunately there appear to be no portraits of Eston. However, a newspaper correspondent wrote of him in Eston Hemings was of a light bronze color, a little over six feet tall, well proportioned, very erect and dignified; his nearly straight hair showed a tint of auburn, and his face, indistinct suggestion of freckles.

Source: www. Obviously, skin colour and racial identity were issues during this life. No comment!


Michael Jackson – the reincarnation of Mozart?



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